leed_picPromoting Sustainability at Every Stage

Wangard is unswerving in our dedication to promoting sustainability in the buildings we own, develop and manage. Through implementation of energy-efficient practices, and innovative environmental strategies, our firm is guided towards environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are practices Wangard adopted long before they began trending in property development. A vibrant green program is a strong corporate citizenship story. Wangard takes the approach of:

  • Housing its corporate headquarters in a LEED Existing Building: Operations and Maintenance-certified building.
  • Providing employees, tenants and other occupants of our office and residential buildings with comfort, controllability of systems and excellent access to daylight and natural views.
  • Developing strategies to reduce energy consumption, reduce storm water runoff, and preserve surrounding ecological habitats.
  • Implementing a high-performance, green-cleaning policy and procedures that utilize products that reduce exposure of building occupants to potentially hazardous chemicals.