Promoting Sustainability at Every Stage

Wangard Partners is dedicated to incorporating sustainable operations and features in the facilities we own, develop and manage. Through implementation of innovative environmental strategies, our company is committed to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Sustainability is something we naturally embrace. It is the company’s philosophy to implement environmentally sustainable best practices and to meet both the letter and the spirit of all environmental laws and regulations.

Sustainability energy and water efficiency are practices Wangard Partners adopted long before they began trending in commercial real estate development. A transparent sustainability policy and program is a strong corporate citizenship attribute. It is a core value of Wangard Partner’s culture. It’s important to the company to productively use existing resources, including time and money, to create developments and manage properties that have a low impact on the environment. Sustainability is embraced as a way of life by Wangard Partners leadership and staff.

Wangard Partners has established the following goals to reduce carbon emissions and increase efficiency and productivity for our developments, managed properties, investors, tenants, employees and other stakeholders:

  • Reduce fossil fuel usage
  • Conserve and reduce the use of potable water
  • Improve indoor environmental quality
  • Recycle and reuse materials
  • Standardize development processes, operations, and maintenance
  • Lead and innovate within the development and management industry through education
  • Mitigate risk through sustainable initiatives
  • Engage vendors, contractors, tenants and employees in sustainable practices and implementation
  • Streamline business processes

Wangard Partner’s Inc. has joined the City of Milwaukee and the Department of Energy in its Better Buildings Challenge for our newest office development, 1433 North Water Street. Wangard Partners has committed to benchmarking energy, water and waste in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and sharing its data with the City of Milwaukee. This level of transparent utility usage in building operations is unprecedented among other local developers.

Wangard Partners worked with the City of Milwaukee’s Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO) on 1433 North Water Street. Facilitating energy efficiency improvements of commercial buildings, the City of Milwaukee implemented a property assessed clean energy (PACE) program, which allows building owners to repay loans for clean energy improvements over time through a special assessment on their property tax bill attached to the property, not the owner. If the owner sells the property before the end of the loan term, the new owner inherits the loan along with the energy improvements, which reduces the risk of financing to building owners. This financing option removes barriers of access to capital and splits incentives when the property ownership term is shorter than the project payback by availing additional financing options to building owners. Wangard Partners utilized PACE financing to install geothermal heat pumps, which draws water from the Milwaukee River, and for new, energy-efficient windows that echo the past of this historic landmark.

Completed sustainability projects include:

  • LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance Gold certification; High Pointe Office Centre, Milwaukee; 2011 and 2016 (this building is also BOMA360 certified)
  • LEED for New Construction Certified certification; Regal-Beloit Corporation, Grafton; 2012
  • Freshwater Plaza, Milwaukee; includes a 30,000 gallon, underground cistern and four reflecting pools flaked by planter boxes – a technique called “forced wetland” which features recirculating water that will spill into the fountain after being forced up through roots and plants (an experiment in partnership with the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences)
  • Avenir Apartments, Milwaukee; utilized new EnduramaxTM wall system that includes energy-saving insulation, underground stormwater detention tanks, green rooftop; and EPA grant for contaminated site clean-up
  • Green Globes for Existing Buildings; Avenir Apartments, Milwaukee; anticipated three Globes certification; 2017
  • LEED for Commercial Interiors; Veterans Administration 1818 Martin Luther King Drive, Milwaukee; anticipated Silver certification; 2017

Sustainability project in process includes:
Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors; Wangard Partners Headquarters; 2017

The City of Milwaukee’s Environmental Collaboration Office’s Better Buildings Challenge also awarded Wangard Partners with the 2017 ReEnergizer of the Year Award.