Avenir Apartments

Avenir is a mixed-use development, which includes three phases in downtown Milwaukee.

Phase 1 of Avenir is comprised of 127,951 sq. ft. and 104 market-rate apartment units with 7,045 sq. ft. of ground level retail space. It was developed as a five-story building along Jefferson and a four story building along Lyon. Parking for the residents is located within the building at its two lowest levels. A two-level parking structure will accommodate the public and retail users and is planned to be on the southwest side of the building with access from Lyon for the lower level and access from Jefferson for the upper level.

Phase 2 is a 82 unit apartment building located on Milwaukee Street and is attached to the Phase 1 building. It is located along Milwaukee and will be a five story building similar in design to Phase 1. The primary access is planned to be on Milwaukee Street.

Avenir Apartments is the only development in the State of Wisconsin to earn dual sustainability certifications including ENERGY STAR (96 out of 100) and GREEN GLOBES (80% = three Green Globes).

Avenir Apartments is now leasing! Book your tour today by calling 414-828-1437 or by visiting the property website.