Brady and Water

This location is one of the most desirable sites in Milwaukee right on the Milwaukee River.

The proposed development will be a vibrant hub to the Brady and Water Street neighborhood and Phase I will consist of approximately 94 units (use-mix being finalized yet) and 4,700 SF of retail space. The project sits at the convergence of two showcase urban corridors – North Water Street and East Brady Street. As the visual terminus to Brady Street’s west end, the property has the ability to become a major landmark building in the neighborhood and enhances Brady Street as one of the most successful retail and entertainment streets in the City.

The property’s extensive river frontage allows the project to play a major role in developing the pedestrian walk along the south side of the Milwaukee River. Since Brady Street is one of Milwaukee’s most walk-able neighborhoods, amenities such as the proposed restaurants and coffee shops can serve as a magnetic draw from the east portion of Brady Street.

By providing high-quality housing and retail amenities to the neighborhood, this development helps to improve the connectivity between the Water Street District and the Lower East Side, develops a pedestrian walkway along the south side of the underutilized Milwaukee River, and further enhances this area as one of the most dynamic urban neighborhoods of the City.