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The City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is making a name for itself as an attractive place for businesses and new residents alike. Located near Milwaukee, Wauwatosa’s combination of small town charm, central location, and quick access to major cities has made it an attractive city in which to conduct business.

Part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area, the City was named for the Potawatomi Chief “Wauwautaesie”, whose name means firefly and they still glow on summer evenings. The City was initially established as an independent farming community in 1835 in the Menomonee Valley and became a city in 1897. Known as the “City of Homes”, Wauwatosa was the second city in the state to adopt zoning ordinances in 1921, designating specific land use for residential, commercial, and manufacturing operations. The original urban core still exists as its downtown area, while surrounding areas have a more traditional suburban look and feel as well as containing newer high-density apartment and townhome developments.

Mayor Kathleen Ehley and Development Director Paulette Enders spoke about Wauwatosa and why it is such a great place to live, learn, work, and play. “We have a blend of a small town feel in the middle of a cosmopolitan metropolitan area,” Mayor Ehley says. “People here are passionate about their neighborhoods, taking care of one another and looking out for each other. We have an excellent school system, so we’re friendly for families, but we’re also great for young professionals who work in the city.”

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