Why Wangard?


Why Choose Wangard?

Wangard Partners is a national real estate company, established in 1992, that partners with high net worth and institutional investors to acquire, develop and manage multifamily, industrial, retail and office properties. With a team of highly skilled real estate specialists, Wangard Partners is able to pursue complex opportunities, often with little competition. Superior intellectual capital, deep real estate experience, a dedication to environmental sustainability and strong relationships with local communities allow us to achieve our goals of creating attractive returns for our investment partners and building neighborhood vitality through our projects.

    • Robust Portfolio
      With a robust portfolio comprised of various asset classes including multi-family, retail, office and industrial properties, Wangard’s depth and variety strengthen our portfolio.
    • Financial Strength
      With more than 20 years in the business, we have developed strong, trusting relationships with lenders and continually secure financing, even in difficult lending periods.
    • Consistent Predictable Returns
      We provide consistent, predictable returns based on a focused strategy of real-estate investing.
    • Tenant Quality
      We only rent to the most qualified and credit-worthy tenants for our commercial and residential properties. This ensures less turnover, fewer vacancies and stable cash flow.
    • Professionally Managed
      Our professional property management teams foster high tenant satisfaction and tenant retention and build a sense of community in our properties.
    • Partnership
      We co-invest with our investors so our interests are aligned.
    • Building Quality
      Wangard maintains high standards for the buildings we acquire and develop, keeping sustainable building practices and efficient operations in mind at every stage of construction and purchase.
    • Strategic Location
      We have detailed knowledge of the markets in which we build and a strategy based on site location that focuses on visibility, accessibility and community.
    • Comprehensive & Systematic Research
      By devoting significant energy to our research, we design for the future, meet the demands of the present and continually learn from our extensive experience.

Wangard Partners portfolio credentials include:

  • Over 100 accredited investors
  • Transacted over $1B in commercial real estate (from commercial and industrial to multifamily and retail)
  • Average cash-on-cash returns of 7-10%
  • 12-16% net IRR’s
  • Have over $400M is assets under management
  • Practice prudent risk management and we also invest our own monies into each development

Why is a diversified portfolio important? Why should your portfolio include real estate?

Andrea Pasqualetto, Capital Markets Analyst, has the answers and much more at 414-935-4112 or apasqualetto@wangard.com.