US Chemical Building

The new 152,000 SF warehouse houses a key distribution facility for U.S. Chemical, a division of JohnsonDiversey. U.S. Chemical is the nation’s leading supplier of commercial cleaning solutions. In a very short time frame, Wangard worked closely with U.S. Chemical and JohnsonDiversey to provide a solution to their distribution needs. It required an extremely tight four-month design, construction, and delivery schedule to meet the tenant’s needs. Wangard worked closely with the city of Watertown to fast track the approval and permit process to start construction. With a need to be operational in a new facility before the end of the year, U.S. Chemical was evaluating its options, including utilization of existing buildings within a radius from Watertown. Wangard’s commitment in June to deliver the building by mid-October was the deciding factor. Despite spring and early summer heavy rains and severe flooding, Wangard and their contractor were able to make adjustments to keep construction on track for an on-time delivery. Construction started in July 2008. The building was completed in 106 days and delivered to U.S. Chemical October 15, 2008.