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Wangard Partners Inc. removed plans for multi-family housing from a large Sussex development in response to concerns from city planners, opening more room for office or industrial buildings.

The Milwaukee company is seeking approvals for a 73-acre project at Highway 164 and Highway K that represents Sussex’s largest remaining development opportunity. “Pending approvals, Wangard would install roads and utilities and grade the site for new buildings by late fall,” said Mark Lake, director of retail development.

The proposal includes several retail buildings, a business park, senior housing and an 11-acre natural resources area.

“Wangard’s earlier proposal included about 18 acres for multi-family housing at the site’s northern edge, but city planners questioned whether that is the best use of the space. In response, Wangard this week revised its plans, removing the housing and opening more land for the business park,” Lake said.

The business park on the property would be across Highway 164 from the Sussex Corporate Center.

“They have large, 30,000- to 100,000-square-foot buildings, and we could accommodate several of those,” Lake said, saying the Wangard site could handle 200,000 to 500,000 square feet of new buildings.

The revised plan keeps space for senior housing.

“The retail area, with more than 20 acres, has lots for larger stores but also smaller buildings for banks or other tenants”, Lake said. “That area would provide services and stores for people working in Sussex Corporate Center, and would complement, not compete with, the Meijer store planned kitty-corner at Highway 164 and Highway K,” he said.

“You have a rather large industrial park, you have a brand new grocery store coming in across the street, you have a significant number of new multifamily condos coming in,” Lake said of the area. “All of the people who live in this area I think are looking for something closer to their houses.”

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