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This week’s WUWM Bubbler Talk question comes from Spencer Hoyt, who asked: Why is the 425 million year old Schoonmaker Reef so important to metro Milwaukee?

The coral reef existed when North America was covered with water hundreds of millions of years ago, and then it fossilized. You’ll find what’s left of Schoonmaker Reef just north of State Street in Wauwatosa, spanning six city blocks from 62nd to 68th Streets. Much of it is overgrown with brush and plants.

WUWM’s Susan Bence met up at the reef with the most knowledgeable people around – Dr. Joanne Kluessendorf and Dr. Don Mikulic.

The reason it’s special is because it was the first fossil reef ever defined as such anywhere in North America, in 1862. The geologists came here and saw it in the rocks, which is amazing,” Kluessendorf says.

Also amazing? The geologists say the reef’s highest point was 70 feet tall, but had developers not quarried it – starting in the 1800’s – it might not have been discovered.

Listen to the live segment or read the full article recently aired and published by WUWM (Susan Bence), Milwaukee Public Radio, here.

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Historic Schoonmaker Reef Bluff in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 1934; Now Being Revitalized by the City and Wangard Partners, Inc.