Maximizing Your Property Value

As a leading provider of property management services for retail, office, flex-tech/warehouse and industrial properties throughout the Midwest, Wangard Partners, AMO® recognizes the importance of every management decision to maximize property value. Wangard Partners, Inc. (WPI) was officially sworn in as an ACCREDITED MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION® (AMO®) by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®), an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS® in October 2017. The AMO® accreditation is the only one in the industry that recognizes excellence among real estate management firms. Firms that earn it must demonstrate the highest standards in professional service, financial stability, and accountability, and have a CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER® (CPM®) directing and supervising the real estate management team. In addition, AMO® firms must abide by the rigorous AMO® Code of Professional Ethics that is strictly enforced by the Institute.

Utilizing a team approach, Wangard Partners, AMO® employs a wide variety of resources to efficiently meet owner, tenant and resident goals and needs. Property management services include lease review/management, tenant/resident retention, capital improvement assessment/implementation, operational and budget reviews and systems monitoring and maintenance. Our experience and relationships in all communities we serve to allow us to bid out and contract for high-quality maintenance and operating services, allowing for competitive pricing, which benefits from economies of scale.

Unlike any others within the industry, Wangard Partners, AMO® has a team of maintenance technicians experienced in all facets of building maintenance including multi-family, office, retail, flex-tech/warehouse and industrial facilities. Each technician comes with a unique level of expertise and skill set. This allows us to engage the appropriate technician for the task at hand. By effectively utilizing our technician staff, we are able to assess and perform many equipment repairs and maintenance items without the need to call on outside contractors. This expertise in-house helps us to operate the buildings efficiently and at less cost to our owners, tenants/residents.

Wangard Partners, AMO® recognizes the importance of every management decision to maximize property values. Our team employs a focused approach in providing the following services:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Capital Improvement Assessment and Implementation
  • Tenant Retention
  • Operational Budgeting and Analysis
  • Facility Maintenance
  • State-of-the-Art Technologies
  • Increased Operating Efficiencies
  • Monitoring Expense Controls
  • Energy Management
  • Renewal of existing lease agreements
  • Build-to-suit process
  • Strategic planning and lease management of multiple agreements and facilities.

Wangard currently manages more than 2,000,000 SF of office, industrial, retail and corporate facility space throughout the Midwest. We work closely with third-party clients as well as our own developments to create solutions that conserve energy, create healthy environments and improve life system costs. We take pride in delivering an extraordinary level of service and superior value to our clients.

Seeking property management or facility maintenance services for your multi-family, retail, office, flex-tech/warehouse or industrial property? Wangard Partners is here to help! Contact Chad Venne, CPM®, Executive Vice President of Property Management at 414-935-4116 or